Urinary Cleanse

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Bio Nativus Detoxing and Cleansing Specialized

Clinical Indications: Urinary Cleanse was created to address some of the most common and troublesome complaints seen clinically. It can assist in the natural healing process in many conditions including the following:

  • Bladder Infections
  • Poor Bladder Tone
  • Bladder Irritation
  • Kidney Stone Pain
  • Urethra Discomfort
  • Kidney Dysfunction

Urinary Cleanse combines the most popular herbal substances used to help maintain urinary health, blended with enzymes and a comprehensive blend of minerals.

Tips to Optimize Urinary Tract Health: It is always important to drink plenty of pure filtered water each and every day, unless specifically told not to by your physician. Critical to maintaining healthy kidneys is the avoidance of caffeine and excess protein intake. A simple tip that is often overlooked is listening to your body. If you feel like you need to urinate make time to do so. If we do not listen to our bodies, they can not function as they are intended to. Urin retention can lead to increased infections, and may be linked to increased stone and cancer formation. See Enlarged Image
Buchu Buchu has been used historically as a diuretic and urinary antiseptic. Clinically it has been shown effective in combating the symptoms associated with the inflammation that accompanies infection irritation.
Corn Silk Corn Silk is rich in saponins, allantoins, and vitamin C. It possesses diuretic and demulcent properties. Its principle uses clinically are for complaints of urethritis, cystitis and prostatitis.
Marshmallow Marshmallow contains over a third mucilage. Clinically it can be very soothing to tissues which are inflamed, irritated and painful.
Uva Ursi The principle active ingredient in Uva Ursi is arbutin, which exhibits strong anti-septic properties. The use of the whole extract is more effective than arbutin alone. It also produces a mild diuretic effect that may assist in flushing out the microbes causing a bladder infection.

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